Bay Area Air District Hires New Executive Officer
Federal Fisheries Agency to Consider Protections for Northern California Salmon
9th Circuit Scolds EPA Over Pesticide Approval, But Allows Continued Use
State, Federal Government Look at Long-Term Options for Saving Salton Sea
CARB Urges EPA to Tighten Fine Particulate Matter Air Quality Standards
Facing Financial Headwinds, Newsom Proposes Budget Cuts to Climate Spending
EPA Issues Draft Cleanup Plan for Clear Lake Superfund Site
Cities Reach $635.5 Million Settlement with Bayer over PCB Contamination
Appellate Court Tosses CEQA Review for State Capitol Building Addition
Football Light Standards Are Not Exempt From CEQA, Appellate Court Rules
Tribes, Delta Groups Allege Civil Rights Violations in Delta Water Quality Standards
State Unveils Accounting Tool to Manage Overtaxed Groundwater Basins
DTSC Adds Testing Criteria For Manufacturers Using AAT Threshold to Comply With Toluene Nail Product PP
Appeals Court Rules Water Pipe Manufacturer Not Liable Under Prop. 65
OEHHA Finalizes Cancer Risk Guidelines for 1-Bromopropane
Coastal Commission Taps Kate Huckelbridge as New Executive Director
Fish and Wildlife Service Lists Whitebark Pine under Endangered Species Act
Public Utilities Commission to Scrutinize New Natural Gas Project
BLM Pauses New Oil and Gas Leasing in Central California and Bay Area
Attorney General Settles with Stockton over Warehouse Development
State Appellate Court Backs Water Board's Copper Mine Cleanup Order
State Water Board Approves New Sewer System Rules to Limit Spills
CARB Adopts New Climate Change Blueprint
Legislative Analyst Calls CARB's Climate Plan Unclear, Seeks Changes
CPUC Revamps Solar Rooftop Incentive Program, Pushes Energy Storage
U.S. Completes First Auction for Offshore Wind Development Rights in California
State Commission Issues Report on Boosting Lithium Development
DTSC Settles with Lead Recycling Plant over Hazardous Waste Management
Bay Area Air District Fines Tesoro over Refinery Emissions
Newsom Taps New Member of CPUC, Makes Other Environmental Appointments