Newsom Administration Issues Plan to Address Extreme Heat
Attorney General Launches Investigation of Oil Industry's Role in Plastic Pollution
Scrap Metal Recycler Settles with Justice Department Over Refrigerants
California Attorney General Sues U.S. Postal Service Over Vehicle Fleet Plan
9th Circuit Rejects Challenge to Forest Service's Issuance of Grazing Permits
Appellate Court Rejects Livermore Housing Project over CEQA Concerns
DWR Seeks Input on a San Joaquin Valley Groundwater Sustainability Plan
Legislative Analyst Urges Legislature to Widen Response to Climate Change
Newsom Extends Cooperation with China on Addressing Climate Change
California Advances Protections for Southern California Steelhead Trout
San Diego Region Settles Cross-Border Water Pollution Suits with U.S.
Attorney General, Sierra Club Settle Warehouse Development Lawsuit with Fontana
9th Circuit Approves Trump-era Decision to Allow Road in Alaskan Wildlife Refuge
Appellate Court Rejects CEQA Challenge to Kern County Groundwater Banking Project
CARB Proposes Transition to Zero-Emission Cars by 2035
Wind Company Pleads Guilty over Eagle Deaths at its Facilities
Dish Network Reaches $5.5 Million Settlement over Hazardous Waste Management
State Auditor Calls for Closer Watch on Utility Wildfire Management Efforts
9th Circuit Upholds Experiment to Kill Barred Owls to Aid Spotted Owls
Watermaster Cannot Appeal Court Water Rights Decree Ruling, Appellate Court Holds
Newsom Administration Issues Updated Climate Adaptation Strategy
AG Gives Thumbs-Down to Fresno County's Draft General Plan
DTSC Orders Cleanup of Simi Valley Shooting Range
Newsom Makes Several New Environmental Appointments
Appellate Court Rebuffs Effort to Tighten Controls on Agricultural Runoff Pollution
State Water Board Moves to Extend Water Cuts in Delta and Russian River Watersheds
Federal Government Moves to Protect Sand Dune Plant
Governor Calls for New Steps to Fight Drought in Executive Order
Federal Judge Approves Temporary Operation Plan for Federal and State Water Projects
Water Users Reach Tentative Deal with State Over Sacramento River Flows