OEHHA'S Carcinogen Identification Committee Nixes Listing Coumarin under Prop. 65
DTSC Proposes to Designate Paint or Varnish Strippers Containing Methylene Chloride as Priority Product
State Water Board to Change Underground Storage Tank Rules to Meet Federal Standards
Santa Ana Regional Water Board Settles Stormwater Case with CalTrans
OEHHA Panel Approves Listing Chlorpyrifos and N-Hexane as Developmental Toxicants under Prop 65
OEHHA Adds PFOA and PFOS to List of Prop. 65 Chemicals
State Appellate Court Upholds Public Nuisance Claim against Lead Paint Companies
OEHHA Issues Revised Cancer Risk Guidelines for Tertiary-Butyl Acetate
Brown Takes Lead in Resisting Trump Climate Policy at United Nations
State Considers Listing Cascades Frog under California Endangered Species Act
Brown Makes Several Appointments to Regional Water Boards
Appellate Court Rules Environmental Review of San Diego Transportation Plan Flawed
Judicial Council Complied with CEQA in Court Relocation Project, Appellate Court Rules
North Coast Regional Water Board May Ease Rules to Speed Wildfire Cleanup
Coastal Commission Settles with Ranch Owners along Santa Barbara Coast
State and Alameda County Reach $9.5 Million Deal with DIRECTV over Hazardous Waste
Prop. 65 Notice Targets Alex Jones and Infowars
Syngenta Asks OEHHA for Safe Use Determinations for Chlorothalonil
DTSC Proposes Rule to Broaden Authority over Post-Closure Cleanups
State Water Board Floats Permanent Water Waste Regulations
California Takes Trump Administration to Court Again Over Oil and Gas Royalty Rule
Regional Water Board Fines East Bay Municipal Utility District Over Spills
Air Resources Board Fines Bombardier Over Vehicle Engine Violations
South Coast Air District Approves Rules Limiting Odors from Meat Rendering Facilities
Governor Makes Several Environmental Appointments
9th Circuit: Case over Utility's Handling of Toxic Wood Preservative Can Move Ahead
Appellate Court Says San Francisco Properly Exempted Housing Project from CEQA
Delta Stewardship Council Issues Environmental Review of Proposed Delta Plan Changes
OEHHA Adds Three New Chemicals to the Prop. 65 List
State Appellate Court Upholds State Water Board Streamflow Policy