Proposal to List Toluene Nail Products as Priority Product Modified to Establish a Threshold
CARB Gets Critiques of its Proposed Blueprint to Fight Climate Change
San Diego Water Board Fines Orange County Builder $6.6 Million
California Auto Parts Seller Fined $1.1 Million by U.S. EPA
DTSC Orders Pollution Investigation at Richmond Metal Recycling Facility
State OK's Neonicotinoid Use After Concern Over Groundwater Pollution
DTSC Workshop Will Focus on Four Chemicals in Nail Products
Governor Signs Comprehensive Bill to Cut Plastic Use and Boost Recycling
U.S. EPA Seeks Comment on Proposed Fixes for Mexico Cross-Border Water Pollution
Newsom Makes Appointments to CalFire, OEHHA, Other Agencies
SCOTUS Refuses to Review 9th Circuit Glyphosate Tort Decision
9th Circuit Initially Sides with CalChamber in Prop. 65 First Amendment Case
Appellate Court Delivers Searing Rebuke Over Marin County Development Delay
California Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Lower Court Decision on Amazon's Prop. 65 Liability
South Coast Air District Takes Enforcement Action Against Vernon Facilities
California Signs Climate Cooperation Pacts with Canada, New Zealand
Sonoma County Landowner Faces Possible $3.75 Million Fine over Land Clearing
Attorney General Charges Six Over Alleged Recycling Fraud
9th Circuit Invalidates Federal Approval of Copper Mine in Arizona Forest
Bumblebees, Other Insects Qualify for California Endangered Species Act, Court Rules
OEHHA Finalizes Safe Harbor Level for Pesticide 1,3-D Under Prop. 65
Groups Petition State Water Board to Act on Delta Water Standards
Officials Delay Decision to Protect Joshua Trees, Move Ahead on Legless Lizard
9th Circuit Overturns EPA's Glyphosate FIFRA Registration
OEHHA Sets Additional Guidelines for Cyanotoxins in Drinking Water
Federal Energy Regulators Seek Input on Offshore Wind Lease Requirements
California Moves to Defend its Clean Car Standards in Face of Legal Attack
California, Ford Reach Settlement on Allegedly False Fuel Economy Claims
Governor Newsom Makes Several New Environmental Appointments
9th Circuit Upholds California's Foie Gras Sales Ban While Narrowing Its Scope