California Sues EPA Over Rollbacks to Rules on Hydrofluorocarbons and Glider Trucks
High-Speed Rail Authority Settles CEQA Lawsuit over Fresno to Bakersfield Route
U.S. Bureau of Land Management Floats Plan to Tackle Tree Deaths and Wildfires
Industry Group Critical of DTSC's Plan to List Laundry Detergent Additive as Priority Product
OEHHA Updates Business Resources for New Warning Regulations
State Appellate Court Upholds CEQA Exemption for Diablo Canyon Lease Extension
DTSC Issues Revised Changes to Hazardous Waste Facility Permits
DTSC Fines Torrance Refining Co. Over Alleged Hazardous Waste Violations
Governor Signs $201 Billion 2017-2018 Budget and Cap-and-Trade Spending Plan
State Water Board Advances Plan to Cut Water Use in Rivers Feeding Bay-Delta
Forest Service Grants Nestle New Permit to Bottle Water from Mountain Creek
OEHHA Report Shows Large Racial Disparities in Disadvantaged Communities
9th Circuit Dismisses Case Over Financing of Gas Projects Near Great Barrier Reef
State Appellate Court Dismisses Bid to Drain Hetch Hetchy Reservoir
Brown Administration Issues Revisions to Proposed CEQA Guidelines Changes
State Meets 2020 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goal Early
Environmental Groups Settle Litigation Over Riverside County Freeway Expansions
DTSC Floats Emergency Rule to Update Hazardous Waste Law Penalties
Federal Wildlife Officials Review Status of 50 Protected California Species
Brown Names a Senior Advisor for Forests and Makes Other Appointments
State Appellate Court Rules Malibu Beach Restoration Project Exempt from CEQA
District Judge Tosses Climate Change Public Nuisance Lawsuit
Equally Divided Supreme Court Upholds 9th Circuit Indian Fishing Rights Ruling
CARB Proposes Additional Changes to Low Carbon Fuel Standard
CARB Moves to Gird Carbon Market after Ontario Announces Departure
CARB Issues Draft Plan to Implement New Law Aimed at Cutting Local Air Pollution
State Appellate Court Deals another Blow to Truck and Bus Regulation Foes
Coastal Commission Proposes Settlement in Santa Barbara Coastal Access Fight
Attorney General Says That New FDA Requirements for Warnings on Cigars Generally Comply With Prop. 65 Warning Requirements
OEHHA Moves to Exclude Coffee From Prop. 65 Warning Requirement