DTSC Moves Forward on Plan To Look at Suspect Food Packaging Additives
Appellate Court Rejects Challenges to EIR's Urban Decay Analysis and Statement of Overriding Considerations
Ninth Circuit Orders DOE to Publish Delayed Energy Conservation Standards
CalRecycle Announces It Has Cracked Beverage Container Smuggling Ring
CARB Approves Clean Transportation Funding Plan, Changes Vehicle Rebate Programs
State Issues Plan to Manage Delta Water Exports, Pledges to Sue Trump Administration
New Research Points to a Handful of Methane "Super-Emitters" in California
CARB Releases Data for 2018 Greenhouse Gas Emissions
State Files Second Legal Challenge to Trump Administration Move on Car Standards
State Oil and Gas Regulator Announces Well Stimulation Crackdown
Governor Newsom Makes Numerous Appointments
Several Groups Urge OEHHA to Reject Listing Acetaminophen under Prop. 65
Trump Administration Finalizes Oil and Gas Leasing Plan for Parts of California
State Water Board Floats Revisions to Rules on Composting Operations
State Water Board Approves Major Plan to Address Central Valley Nitrate, Salt Problems
DTSC Takes First Steps in Identifying PFAS on Textiles or Leathers as a Priority Product Under SCP Program
Federal Wildlife Agencies Greenlight Plans to Boost Delta Water Deliveries
Large Group of Automakers Aligns with Trump Administration in Vehicle Emissions Fight
EPA Formally Cites San Francisco for Alleged Clean Water Act Violations
State Fines Chevron $2.7 Million over Kern County Oil Spills
Federal Appeals Court Tosses California Challenge to EPA Clean Cars Assessment
State Water Board Announces Initial Test Results for PFAS in Drinking Water
Appellate Court Clarifies Liability of Parent Corporation for Remediation of Mining Waste
OEHHA Issues Hazard Identification Materials as it Weighs Listing Cannabis Smoke and THC under Prop. 65
Ninth Circuit Rejects Challenge to Southern California Wind Project
DTSC Scorecard Could Require Closure of Five Hazardous Waste Facilities
CARB Proposes Sales Targets to Increase Zero Emission Truck Adoption
CARB Proposes Deeper Cuts to Ocean-Going Vessel Emissions
OEHHA Proposes Cancer Risk Guidelines for p-chloro-α,α,α-trifluorotoluene (PCBTF)
OEHHA Proposes Safe Harbor Guideline for p-chloro-α,α,α-trifluorotoluene (PCBTF)