CARB Considers Changes to Heavy-Duty Vehicle and Consumer Products Rules
9th Circuit Sides with Government, Environmental Groups Over Sea Otter Program
Federal Judges Issue Dueling Rulings on Venue for Climate Change Nuisance Suits
Appellate Court Expands Legal Dispute over Ventura River Water Diversions
Appellate Court Rejects CEQA Challenge to City of Visalia General Plan Update
DTSC Issues Expanded Draft Civil Rights and Language Access Plan
Central Valley Water Board Issues Plan to Address Salt and Nitrate Pollution
State Water Board Forms New California Stormwater Authority
California Denounces EPA Move to Ease Greenhouse Gas Tailpipe Standards
Trump Administration Sues California over State Land Use Law
California Sues EPA over Methane Emissions and Policy Shift on Hazardous Air Pollution
U.S. Attorney’s Office Files Criminal Charges against Stockton Biofuel Plant
In Midst of Court Battles, OEHHA Finalizes Glyphosate Prop. 65 Safe Harbor Level
DC Circuit Nixes South Coast Air District Claim on Smog Standard
State Water Board Exceeded its Authority in Drought Curtailment Orders, Court Rules
Superior Court Halts Department of Food and Agriculture Pest Spraying Program
Attorney General Files Criminal Charges Against Panoche Water District Employees
Department of Fish and Wildlife Recommends Protections for Three Species
Federal Wildlife Agencies Make Decisions on Endangered Species Act protections
Group Rescinds Petition to OEHHA Seeking Revised Lead Safe Harbor Level
State Approves $1 million Fine Against Carpet Manufacturers over Recycling Plans
Federal Judge Sides with Trump Administration in California Border Wall Dispute
California Clinches Preliminary Injunction Against Trump Methane Waste Rollback
State Appellate Court Upholds Central Coast Coho Salmon Protections
Governor Floats Budget Trailer Bills to Create New Fees for Water and Mobile Emissions
Governor and Legislature Announce Environmental Appointments
Counties and Attorney General Reach Settlements in Two Hazardous Waste Cases
Pesticide Regulator Considers Barring Use of Pesticides with Chlorthal-Dimethyl
Los Angeles Regional Water Board Appoints New Executive Officer
Judge Approve Settlement Covering Prop. 65 Warnings by Chocolate Manufacturers