Federal Energy Regulators Seek Input on Offshore Wind Lease Requirements
California Moves to Defend its Clean Car Standards in Face of Legal Attack
California, Ford Reach Settlement on Allegedly False Fuel Economy Claims
Governor Newsom Makes Several New Environmental Appointments
9th Circuit Upholds California's Foie Gras Sales Ban While Narrowing Its Scope
Proposed Water Bottling Plant's Environmental Review Nixed by State Appellate Court
DTSC Oversight Board Names Inaugural Executive Officer
South Coast Air District Could Sue EPA Over Struggle to Meet Air Quality Goals
State Regulator Reaches Settlement Over Illegal Pesticide Sales
9th Circuit Rejects State Plan for Cutting San Joaquin Valley Particulate Pollution
State Approves New Urban Water Use Rules, Takes Other Drought Actions
State Water Board Updates Progress on Human Right to Water Goals
Proposed Climate Plan Update Calls for State to be Carbon Neutral by 2045
Newsom Boosts Energy and Drought Spending in Revised May Budget
Coastal Commission Nixes Plan for Huntington Beach Desalination Plant
DTSC and Boeing Agree on Path to Cleanup of Santa Susana Field Laboratory
9th Circuit Again Rules Climate Change Nuisance Cases Belong in State Court
9th Circuit Orders EPA Again to Respond to Petition to Cancel Pet Pesticide
Court Adds Flexibility to CEQA Project Description and Recirculation Requirement
DTSC Releases List of Alternatives to PFASs in Textile and Leather Treatments
DTSC Proposes Adding 6PPD in Tires as a SCP Priority Product
Newsom Administration Issues Plan to Address Extreme Heat
Attorney General Launches Investigation of Oil Industry's Role in Plastic Pollution
Scrap Metal Recycler Settles with Justice Department Over Refrigerants
California Attorney General Sues U.S. Postal Service Over Vehicle Fleet Plan
9th Circuit Rejects Challenge to Forest Service's Issuance of Grazing Permits
Appellate Court Rejects Livermore Housing Project over CEQA Concerns
DWR Seeks Input on a San Joaquin Valley Groundwater Sustainability Plan
Legislative Analyst Urges Legislature to Widen Response to Climate Change
Newsom Extends Cooperation with China on Addressing Climate Change