Volume 34, Issue 17

March 1, 2021

Story #1

Air Resources Board Proposes Cuts to VOC Emissions from Consumer Products

Story #2

CARB May Be Inflating Greenhouse Gas Cuts from Transportation, State Auditor Says

Story #3

CPUC Issues Guidelines for Renewable Energy Transmission Planning

Story #4

CPUC Orders Utilities to Boost Energy Supplies to Ward Off Summer Blackout

Story #5

Attorney General Intervenes in CEQA Litigation to Block Lake County Resort Project

Story #6

Metal Recycler Schnitzer Steel Reaches $4.1 Million Hazardous Waste Settlement

Story #7

California Challenges Trump-Era Rule Delaying Car Emissions Penalties

Story #8

9th Circuit Upholds EPA Waiver for State's Rule Cutting Off-Road Diesel Emissions

Story #9

State Must Foot Bill For Trash Bin Mandate in L.A. Stormwater Permits, Court Rules

Story #10

Appellate Court Backs San Francisco Water Board Wetland Mitigation Order

Story #11

9th Circuit Leaves Opening for Possible Public Trust Protections for Walker Lake

Story #12

OEHHA Releases Latest Version of EnviroScreen EJ Screening Tool

Story #13

State's Opening Brief in Glyphosate Prop. 65 Warning Appeal Will Rely on Customized Warning

Story #14

State Water Board Asks OEHHA to Consider Cyanotoxin Drinking Water Risks

Story #15

State Water Board Tackles Water Rights and Climate Change in Report