Volume 31, Issue 17

March 1, 2018

Story #1

Air Resources Board Aims to Bolster Low Carbon Fuel Standard Regulation

Story #2

Public Utilities Commission Sets Climate Target for State's Utilities

Story #3

California Attorney General Sues Trump Administration Over Clean Water Rule Delay

Story #4

State Lands Commission Settles with San Francisco Over Waterfront Development

Story #5

State Report Calls for Urgent Action to Address Forest Health

Story #6

Governor Announces Several Appointments

Story #7

Wastewater Indirectly Flowing into Pacific Ocean Falls under Clean Water Act, 9th Circuit Rules

Story #8

San Francisco Federal Judge Orders Energy Department to Finalize Efficiency Standards

Story #9

Appellate Court Rejects Renewed Challenge to Newhall Ranch CEQA Review

Story #10

Appellate Court Nixes CEQA Challenge to San Diego Private School Project

Story #11

Attorney General Forms New Environmental Justice Bureau

Story #12

OEHHA Proposes Safe Harbor Warning Language for Residential Rental Units

Story #13

Judge Concludes Requiring Prop. 65 Warning on Glyphosate Products Violates First Amendment

Story #14

DTSC Intends to List Carpets and Rugs Containing PFAs as a Priority Product

Story #15

State Water Board Approves New Water Quality Rules for Agricultural Zones

Story #16

OEHHA Seeks Comments on Latest Version of Nitrate/Nitrite Drinking Water PHG