Volume 31, Issue 11

December 1, 2017

Story #1

OEHHA Issues Revised Cancer Risk Guidelines for Tertiary-Butyl Acetate

Story #2

Brown Takes Lead in Resisting Trump Climate Policy at United Nations

Story #3

Coastal Commission Settles with Ranch Owners along Santa Barbara Coast

Story #4

State Considers Listing Cascades Frog under California Endangered Species Act

Story #5

State and Alameda County Reach $9.5 Million Deal with DIRECTV over Hazardous Waste

Story #6

Santa Ana Regional Water Board Settles Stormwater Case with CalTrans

Story #7

Brown Makes Several Appointments to Regional Water Boards

Story #8

State Appellate Court Upholds Public Nuisance Claim against Lead Paint Companies

Story #9

Appellate Court Rules Environmental Review of San Diego Transportation Plan Flawed

Story #10

Judicial Council Complied with CEQA in Court Relocation Project, Appellate Court Rules

Story #11

OEHHA Adds PFOA and PFOS to List of Prop. 65 Chemicals

Story #12

OEHHA Panel Approves Listing Chlorpyrifos and N-Hexane as Developmental Toxicants under Prop 65

Story #13

DTSC Proposes to Designate Paint or Varnish Strippers Containing Methylene Chloride as Priority Product

Story #14

North Coast Regional Water Board May Ease Rules to Speed Wildfire Cleanup

Story #15

State Water Board to Change Underground Storage Tank Rules to Meet Federal Standards

Story #16

OEHHA'S Carcinogen Identification Committee Nixes Listing Coumarin under Prop. 65