Volume 33, Issue 10

November 15, 2019

Story #1

CARB Proposes Sales Targets to Increase Zero Emission Truck Adoption

Story #2

CARB Proposes Deeper Cuts to Ocean-Going Vessel Emissions

Story #3

OEHHA Proposes Cancer Risk Guidelines for p-chloro-α,α,α-trifluorotoluene (PCBTF)

Story #4

Trump Administration Rejects Protections for Panamint Alligator Lizard, Yellow Cedar

Story #5

Federal Wildlife Agencies Greenlight Plans to Boost Delta Water Deliveries

Story #6

Trump Administration Sues California over its Cap-and-Trade Program

Story #7

California Chamber Launches Legal Attack on Prop. 65 Acrylamide Warnings

Story #8

Large Group of Automakers Aligns with Trump Administration in Vehicle Emissions Fight

Story #9

EPA Formally Cites San Francisco for Alleged Clean Water Act Violations

Story #10

State Fines Chevron $2.7 Million over Kern County Oil Spills

Story #11

DTSC Scorecard Could Require Closure of Five Hazardous Waste Facilities

Story #12

Federal Appeals Court Tosses California Challenge to EPA Clean Cars Assessment

Story #13

Appellate Court Clarifies Liability of Parent Corporation for Remediation of Mining Waste

Story #14

Ninth Circuit Rejects Challenge to Southern California Wind Project

Story #15

OEHHA Proposes Safe Harbor Guideline for p-chloro-α,α,α-trifluorotoluene (PCBTF)

Story #16

OEHHA Issues Hazard Identification Materials as it Weighs Listing Cannabis Smoke and THC under Prop. 65

Story #17

DTSC Takes First Steps in Identifying PFAS on Textiles or Leathers as a Priority Product Under SCP Program

Story #18

State Water Board Announces Initial Test Results for PFAS in Drinking Water