Volume 37, Issue 16

February 15, 2024

Story #1

EPA Seeks Comment on Approving Carbon Sequestration Project in Kern County

Story #2

Federal Wildlife Officials Consider Listing Three Species under Endangered Species Act

Story #3

California Steps Into Legal Fight Over State Authority Under the Clean Water Act

Story #4

State Water and Wildlife Officials Reach $1.75 Million Settlement with Cannabis Farm

Story #5

Lawsuits Pile On Challenging State's Delta Tunnel Project Approval

Story #6

CPUC Signs Off on $45 Million Settlement with PG&E over Dixie Fire

Story #7

9th Circuit Invalidates Biological Opinion Related to Water Use on Arizona Army Base

Story #8

Superior Court Rejects Dept. of Water Resources Bid to Issue Delta Tunnel Bonds

Story #9

9th Circuit Rejects Challenge to Tree Thinning, Prescribed Burn Project in Inyo National Forest

Story #10

State Appeals Court Supports CPUC's Rule Reforming Rooftop Solar Subsidies

Story #11

DWR Completes Initial Reviews of Sustainable Groundwater Management Plans

Story #12

Legislative Analyst's Office Faults State Water Board's Urban Water Conservation Proposal