Volume 32, Issue 13

January 15, 2019

Story #1

Brown Administration Signs Agreements with Trump Administration over Bay Delta

Story #2

Air Resources Board Finalizes Cap-and-Trade Amendments

Story #3

Appellate Court Rejects State Lands Commission Interpretation of Public Trust Doctrine

Story #4

DTSC Increases Enforcement Actions Against Industry Lead Recycling Plant

Story #5

Santa Clara County DA Sues Mushroom Farm for Alleged Water Pollution

Story #6

U.S. EPA Reaches $2 Million Settlement to Investigate Clean Up of Mercury Mine

Story #7

Governor’s Office of Planning and Research Issues Autonomous Vehicle Principles

Story #8

San Francisco Regional Water Board Appoints New Executive Officer

Story #9

State Issues Draft Update of California Water Plan

Story #10

CARB Set to Mandate Zero-Emission Shuttles at State's Major Airports

Story #11

Governor Newsom Makes Environmental Appointments

Story #12

CEQA Review Failed to Properly Address Air Pollution Impacts, State High Court Rules

Story #13

Pesticide Regulators to Allow Continued Use of Pesticides with Chlorthal-Dimethyl

Story #14

State Water Board Issues New Amendments to Proposed Wetland Rules