Volume 37, Issue 5

September 1, 2023

Story #1

CARB Proposes Changes to Landmark Locomotive and Truck Rules

Story #2

OEHHA Finalizes Listing of Three Chemicals Under Prop. 65

Story #3

California Signs Climate Cooperation Pledges with Australia, Chinese Province

Story #4

California to Develop Market Strategy to Boost Clean Hydrogen Power

Story #5

Bay Area Air District Fines Sulfur Dioxide Plant $1.15 Million

Story #6

Company Pleads Guilty to Selling Products Allowing Diesel Trucks to Emit Heavy Smoke

Story #7

Mule Creek State Prison Settles Case over Alleged Clean Water Act Violations

Story #8

Governor Signs Executive Order to Accelerate Flood Repairs

Story #9

San Francisco Loses Challenge to EPA Wastewater Permit at 9th Circuit

Story #10

California Supreme Court Knocks Out Monterey County Ban on New Oil Drilling

Story #11

Appellate Court Rejects CEQA Challenge to Newport Beach Apartment Project

Story #12

OEHHA Finalizes Revised Cancer Risk Guidelines for Cobalt and Cobalt Compounds

Story #13

DTSC Approves Test Method for Measuring Toluene in Nail Polish under SCP Program

Story #14

State Water Board Allows Four Gas Plants to Stay Open, Citing Energy Deficit