Volume 36, Issue 22

May 15, 2023

Story #1

CARB Adopts Major Rule to Cut Air Pollution from Trains

Story #2

Zero-Emission Trucks In, Gasoline Trucks Out in Pioneering New State Regulation

Story #3

California Signs Climate Change Cooperation Pact with Mexico City

Story #4

South Coast Air District Sues EPA, Asks Feds to Play Bigger Role in Cutting Smog

Story #5

Tesoro Hit with $27.5 Million Fine over Martinez Refinery Emissions

Story #6

U.S. Supreme Court Sends California Climate Change Cases to State Court

Story #7

Appellate Court Supports OEHHA's Perchlorate Drinking Water Goal

Story #8

Oakland A's Stadium Project EIR Passes Muster, Appellate Court Rules

Story #9

OEHHA Lists 1,1,1-Trichloroethane and Leucomalachite Green under Prop. 65

Story #10

DTSC Proposes Designating Microplastics and PPD Derivatives as Candidate Chemicals