Volume 36, Issue 16

February 15, 2023

Story #1

OEHHA Proposes Air Quality Guidelines for Trimethylbenzenes

Story #2

Oil Industry Sues City of Los Angeles over Oil and Gas Production Phaseout

Story #3

Attorney General Settles CEQA Lawsuit over Lake County Resort Project

Story #4

California Sues EPA over Rule on Airplane Particulate Matter Pollution

Story #5

Newsom Appoints to CalEPA, CARB, and Other Agencies

Story #6

Appellate Court Rejects CEQA Challenge to Petaluma Apartment Building

Story #7

Court Rebuffs Push by CPUC to Investigate Southern California Gas Lobbying

Story #8

State Unveils Effort to Overhaul Approach to Pesticide Use

Story #9

OEHHA Lists Three New Chemicals as Carcinogens Under Prop. 65

Story #10

Oil Industry Qualifies Ballot Measure to Overturn Law Creating Buffer Zones

Story #11

Report Slams EPA for Failure to Adequately Control Oil Refinery Wastewater

Story #12

State Approves Four Groundwater Sustainability Plans for Northern California