Volume 36, Issue 15

February 1, 2023

Story #1

CARB Urges EPA to Tighten Fine Particulate Matter Air Quality Standards

Story #2

Bay Area Air District Hires New Executive Officer

Story #3

Facing Financial Headwinds, Newsom Proposes Budget Cuts to Climate Spending

Story #4

EPA Issues Draft Cleanup Plan for Clear Lake Superfund Site

Story #5

Federal Fisheries Agency to Consider Protections for Northern California Salmon

Story #6

Cities Reach $635.5 Million Settlement with Bayer over PCB Contamination

Story #7

9th Circuit Scolds EPA Over Pesticide Approval, But Allows Continued Use

Story #8

Appellate Court Tosses CEQA Review for State Capitol Building Addition

Story #9

Football Light Standards Are Not Exempt From CEQA, Appellate Court Rules

Story #10

DTSC Adds Testing Criteria For Manufacturers Using AAT Threshold to Comply With Toluene Nail Product PP

Story #11

State, Federal Government Look at Long-Term Options for Saving Salton Sea

Story #12

Tribes, Delta Groups Allege Civil Rights Violations in Delta Water Quality Standards

Story #13

State Unveils Accounting Tool to Manage Overtaxed Groundwater Basins