Volume 35, Issue 22

May 15, 2022

Story #1

Legislative Analyst Urges Legislature to Widen Response to Climate Change

Story #2

Newsom Extends Cooperation with China on Addressing Climate Change

Story #3

Newsom Administration Issues Plan to Address Extreme Heat

Story #4

California Advances Protections for Southern California Steelhead Trout

Story #5

San Diego Region Settles Cross-Border Water Pollution Suits with U.S.

Story #6

Attorney General, Sierra Club Settle Warehouse Development Lawsuit with Fontana

Story #7

Attorney General Launches Investigation of Oil Industry's Role in Plastic Pollution

Story #8

Scrap Metal Recycler Settles with Justice Department Over Refrigerants

Story #9

California Attorney General Sues U.S. Postal Service Over Vehicle Fleet Plan

Story #10

9th Circuit Approves Trump-era Decision to Allow Road in Alaskan Wildlife Refuge

Story #11

Appellate Court Rejects CEQA Challenge to Kern County Groundwater Banking Project

Story #12

9th Circuit Rejects Challenge to Forest Service's Issuance of Grazing Permits

Story #13

Appellate Court Rejects Livermore Housing Project over CEQA Concerns

Story #14

DWR Seeks Input on a San Joaquin Valley Groundwater Sustainability Plan