Volume 35, Issue 17

March 1, 2022

Story #1

Air District Launches Effort to Regulate L.A. and Long Beach Port Emissions

Story #2

CARB Taps East Oakland and San Diego Border for Pollution Fighting Program

Story #3

OEHHA Examines Air Pollution Effects of State's Cap-and-Trade Program

Story #4

Bay Area Air District Seeks Abatement Order over Benicia Refinery Emissions

Story #5

CARB Reaches $2.1 Million Settlement over Aftermarket Car Part Sales

Story #6

Prosecutors and Bridgestone Settle Hazardous Waste Case for $3.94 Million

Story #7

Oil Company Can Intervene in Fight over Federal Lease Sales, 9th Circuit Rules

Story #8

San Diego Roadway Approval Passes CEQA Muster, Appellate Court Rules

Story #9

Appellate Court Approves Environmental Review of Santa Cruz Apartment Complex

Story #10

State Water Board Adds New Waterbodies to its Pollution Watch List

Story #11

State Water Board Proposes Updates to Public Sewer System Regulations