Volume 35, Issue 16

February 15, 2022

Story #1

Bay Area Air District Tightens Permitting Requirements in Overburdened Areas

Story #2

Federal Regulators Approve Three Major Solar Farms in Riverside County

Story #3

Attorney General Reaches Plea Deal in Walnut Creek Oil Spill Case

Story #4

AG Settlement Pushes Huntington Park to Assess Environmental Justice in Planning

Story #5

DTSC Files Suits Over Alleged Hazardous Waste Problems at Three Sites

Story #6

Newsom Makes Appointments to CARB, New Environmental Safety Board

Story #7

U.S. Supreme Court to Review 9th Circuit Ruling on Wetlands

Story #8

California High Court to Review Monterey County Measure Limiting Oil and Gas Activity

Story #9

Appellate Court Weighs in on Hollister Ranch Coastal Access Disputes

Story #10

Los Angeles Moves to Wind Down Oil and Gas Production in the City

Story #11

UC Study Shows Disproportionate Water Quality Problems in Communities of Color

Story #12

State Water Board Adopts Groundbreaking Test Method for Microplastics

Story #13

State Water Board Enacts Drought Rules for Urban Outdoor Water Use

Story #14

DWR Finds Slew of Groundwater Sustainability Plans Deficient