Volume 34, Issue 5

September 1, 2020

Story #1

OEHHA Adopts Cancer Risk Guidelines for PCBTF

Story #2

OEHHA Finalizes New Guidelines for Toxic Air Contaminant Toluene

Story #3

CARB and Automakers Finalize Deals on Car Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Story #4

Legislative Analyst Leans on Lawmakers to Address Sea Level Rise

Story #5

Leatherback Turtles Closer to State Protection, Joshua Tree Decision Delayed

Story #6

State Water Board Settles Suit, Agrees to Boost Public Trust Analysis in Delta Decisions

Story #7

Natural Gas Group Sues CARB over New Electric Truck Sales Rule

Story #8

California Energy Commission Giving Short Shrift to Natural Gas, Industry Suit Claims

Story #9

State, Ventura County Reach $1.6 Settlement over Oil Spill

Story #10

Owner of Crystal Geyser Fined $5 Million over Hazardous Waste Violations

Story #11

California, U.S. Forest Service Sign Deal to Cooperate on Forest Management

Story #12

Governor Newsom Makes Several Environmental Appointments

Story #13

Federal Court Tosses Interior Department's Migratory Bird Enforcement Policy

Story #14

State Water Board Ordered to Assess if L.A.-Area Wastewater Plants are Wasteful

Story #15

Appellate Court Ruling Favors Imperial Irrigation District Over Farmer

Story #16

OEHHA Is Proposing A New Safe Harbor Levels for Acrylamide in Prepared Foods

Story #17

Phillips 66 Plans to Transform Rodeo Oil Refinery into Major Renewable Fuels Plant

Story #18

Legislative Analyst's Office Urges Improved Approach to Abandoned Mine Cleanups

Story #19

DTSC Focuses on PFAS in Food Packaging

Story #20

Trump Administration Nudges Shasta Dam Raise Project Forward