Volume 34, Issue 4

August 15, 2020

Story #1

California Joins Other States In Effort to Boost Zero Emission Truck Sales

Story #2

CARB Proposes Phaseout of Potent Greenhouse Gas Used in Electrical Equipment

Story #3

Becerra Sues Trump Administration Over Clean Water Act, Mercury and Coal Rules

Story #4

Central Coast Water Board Reaches $1.2 Settlement with Monterey Mushrooms Inc.

Story #5

Gov. Newsom Makes New Environmental Appointments

Story #6

9th Circuit Upholds Environmental Review of Alaska Fossil Fuel Lease Sale

Story #7

UC Berkeley Must Do CEQA Analysis of Growing Student Population, Court Rules

Story #8

Trump Administration Effort to Block Cap-and-Trade Program Fails Again

Story #9

Federal Court Rejects Trump Bid to Scuttle Methane Waste Rules for Third Time

Story #10

Ninth Circuit Lets Registration of Enlist Duo Stand Pending Further ESA Review

Story #11

State Issues Report on Transition Away From Chlorpyrifos on Crops

Story #12

State Pesticide Regulator Restricts Use of Carbaryl

Story #13

OEHHA Finalizes Drinking Water Guideline for Pesticide DBCP

Story #14

Newsom Administration Issues Final Water Resilience Portfolio