Volume 34, Issues 1 & 2

July 15, 2020

Story #1

State Approves Landmark Zero Emission Truck Rule

Story #2

CARB Calls on San Joaquin Air District to Improve its Emissions Credit Program

Story #3

Newsom Extends Recycling Rules Relaxation, Reimposes Plastic Bag Ban

Story #4

Wildlife Officials to De-List San Benito Primrose from Endangered Species Act

Story #5

Coastal Commission Rebukes State Parks Dept. Over Treatment of Snowy Plovers

Story #6

CARB Reaches $2 Million Settlement with Navistar Over Truck Engine Modifications

Story #7

Newsom Announces Numerous Environmental Appointments

Story #8

9th Circuit Overturns Oakland Coal Shipment Ban

Story #9

9th Circuit Opens Volkswagen Up to More Liability in Diesel Emissions Scandal

Story #10

Appellate Court Invalidates San Diego County's Climate Action Plan

Story #11

Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Air District's Interpretation of Banking Application Deadline

Story #12

Streambed Alteration Permit Did Not Trigger New CEQA Review, Appellate Court Rules

Story #13

Court Of Appeal Upholds DINP Listing

Story #14

Sen. Wiener Introduces Bill to Exempt Transit Projects from CEQA

Story #15

Federal Judge Bans Prop. 65 Warning for Glyphosate

Story #16

OEHHA Again Proposes Naturally Occurring Lead Levels for Chili and Tamarind Candies

Story #17

OEHHA Finalizes Safe Harbor for Chlorpyrifos

Story #18

DTSC Rejects Claims by SPF System Manufacturers Over Adequacy Of Alternatives

Story #19

State Water Board Adopts Definition for Microplastics in Drinking Water

Story #20

State AGs Push EPA to Broaden Proposed Drinking Water Standard for PFAS