Volume 33, Issue 22

May 15, 2020

Story #1

Air Resources Board Toughens Proposed Electric Truck Sale Requirement

Story #2

High-Speed Rail Authority Issues Review of Proposed San Jose to Merced Route

Story #3

Environmental Agencies Take New Steps in Wake of COVID-19

Story #4

Attorney General Sues Trump Administration on Water, Energy Efficiency Rules

Story #5

San Francisco Water Board Reaches Deal with Mushroom Farm

Story #6

State Water Board Fines Laboratory for Alleged Misrepresentations

Story #7

Supreme Court Curbs 9th Circuit Ruling on Clean Water Act Permits

Story #8

Landowners Need EPA Approval to Pursue Superfund Cleanup, Supreme Court Rules

Story #9

Appellate Court Upholds Coastal Plan for Santa Monica Mountains

Story #10

Plaintiff May Not Get Around Limit on Challenging Facially Valid NOD By Claiming It was Issued by Wrong Agency

Story #11

State Water Board Greenlights Klamath River Dam Removals

Story #12

Urban Water Suppliers Now Permanently Required to Report Monthly Water Use

Story #13

Reclamation Finalizes Long-Term Water Transfer Rule