Volume 33, Issue 21

May 1, 2020

Story #1

Report Details Bay Area Sea Level Risks, Calls for Coordinated Response

Story #2

State Eases CEQA Notification Rules, Makes Other Moves in Face of COVID-19

Story #3

Mountain Lions, Shasta Snow Wreath Now Candidates for State Protection

Story #4

Water Regulators Slap Victorville with $1.5 Million Fine Over Sewage Spill

Story #5

State Regulator Orders Urban Los Angeles Oil Field to Permanently Close

Story #6

DTSC Takes Enforcement Actions over Hazardous Waste

Story #7

Singapore Shipping Company to Pay $1.65 Million in Water Pollution Case

Story #8

State Responds to Crude Oil Spill in Santa Barbara County

Story #9

Court Upholds Trump Administration Repeal of Obama-Era Fracking Rule

Story #10

CalTrans Improperly Claimed a CEQA Exemption and Was Estopped from Relying on NOE

Story #11

City Must Prepare Full EIR Due to Failure of Mitigation Measures

Story #12

Business Groups Bash Latest OEHHA Proposal to Change Warning Regulation

Story #13

OEHHA Delays Setting Date for CIC Meeting on Acetaminophen

Story #14

CalGEM Issues First Fracking Permits In Wake of Independent Review Process

Story #15

OEHHA to Develop Public Health Goals for 1,4-Dioxane and NDMA